What Is Content Marketing

In today’s society, traditional forms of advertising seem to be becoming less effective. Many people use DVRs to record and watch television programs which often means that the adverts are forwarded and therefore not watched. More and more people are reading newspapers and magazines online, which again makes it easier for the advertisements to be skipped over.

Content marketing is a more modern way of advertising a product or service that aims to attract customers by providing interesting and relevant information about the product but in a way that does not come across as a sales pitch in its own right. Content marketing usually takes place online and therefore has the potential to reach a large number of new customers. If a business is looking to grow its customer base then content marketing should be part of their marketing strategy.

Content marketing is more likely to stay in the minds of customers than other forms of marketing. If a customer reads an article that really engages them then they are likely to try and find out more about who wrote the article and the company that they work for. It is therefore important that the quality of the content that is used for articles or other posts online is of a high standard. If there is already an employee of the company that can produce articles of this quality then this may be advantageous for the business. However, outsourcing content writing is generally not that expensive and it allows the employees of a business to concentrate on their own jobs.

Content marketing does not just have to be in the form of written articles. Videos that demonstrate the use of a particular product can also be useful for customers. If a business sets up their own YouTube channel then their customers can subscribe to this and will be notified when a new video is uploaded. Sharing the video on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest can also help the business to reach potential new customers and this strategy can also be used to share articles and other forms of content.

There is an important relationship between content marketing and the likelihood that a particular business will be found when an internet search is made for keywords that are relevant to that business. Search engines put a great deal of value on sites that have high quality content and will rank these sites higher on their search results page. This can help the business be found by more potential customers and when the content on the site is engaging then these customers are more likely to remain on the site.

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