Why Every Business Owner Needs a Responsive Website

As a business owner, do you know what a responsive website is? Do you know why you must have one? If you haven’t heard about responsive web design then I will tell you in a nutshell, responsive sites are very important!

Let’s start with what a responsive website actually is. It is a web design that has been created with one main purpose: to make it easier to read and navigate across all the different devices we own. From our cell phone to our tablet to notebook to our PC, all those images we see are adapted so we do not have to constantly resize, reshape and scroll across the device.

A responsive website is designed to adapt the layout of the viewing environment with fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images. It has multiple fluid grid layers that make it easy for the program to change the layout of the image. This means no matter what device is being used, the image looks the way it should quickly and easily.

Sounds pretty interesting but why does it matter? Because as a business owner you know customers demand convenience. And to have a website that brings in customers, your website has to be convenient. It has to have a responsive website design. Customers want everything quick and easy. They do not like to wait in long lines at the grocery store or at the bank or at the doctor. Entire management programs have been created by companies to study how to improve convenience in their stores. The regional manager for the local grocery store down the street is focused on how convenient it is for customers to shop in his store. Grocery aisles, cash registers and shopping carts are all laid out in a certain way to ensure everything about that store makes it as convenient as possible for the customer. Your website should be much more convenient than any grocery store. Customers grudgingly understand there is always some delay at the grocery store. The person checking out in front of the might be slow, all the grocery carts might be taken, or a cashier might have called in sick so there are fewer cash registers open. Customers understand this could occur and are not happy about it, but they will grudgingly accept it.

Customers have no such understanding when it comes to looking at your website, and they will not accept delays and inconvenience. Websites by their very definition are all about convenience. Where else can a person shop for anything from the comfort of their sofa while sitting in their pajamas at 3am eating ice cream? Nowhere. Websites make that happen. A customer can use Amazon, eBay or any retail store’s website to do just that. Or they can use your website. If it has a responsive website design.

Customers have specific expectations of a website. It should load quickly, be easy to read and easy to navigate. It should be responsive. And it should be eye catching. No matter what device they choose to use, they expect your website to run perfectly. They don’t care if your website runs smoother on a PC and has some trouble loading on an iPhone. They really don’t care about that. They expect your website to have the same easy, high quality viewing no matter what device they use to look at your website. They expect a responsive website design.
With that type of expectation from a customer, you know your website must run well and must be convenient. If a customer has to work too hard at reading your website they will just move on to the next company. And every business owner has a competitor out there just waiting to try to win their customer’s business.

If you could be positive 99% of your customers were going to look at a website using their PC, it would not be so much of a problem. You would not want to risk losing that 1% but it would still seem like a smaller problem. You could just focus on having a website that loads perfectly on a PC and not worry about what it looks like when viewed from a cell phone or a tablet.

But the truth is customers use every type of device to look at websites these days. Customers may search for a new home builder using their iPhone, their tablet, their notebook and their old desktop computer all in 24 hours. They just grab whichever device is closest to pull up the website. And when they pull up that home builder’s website they expect it to be easy to read and look great on every single device. They expect it to have a responsive website design. If not, they will just move on to the next home builder.

Customers may think they have found a great builder that offers the perfect floor plan. But if they can only easily see the floor plan on their notebook or old desktop computer, they are going to just look for another builder with a better website design. They are not going to spend the extra time to resize and reshape the website on their iPhone and their tablet. And if your website does not have a responsive website design, they are not going to take the time to resize and reshape your website either. They will just move on to your competitor. For the customer it is all about convenience. And for you, the business owner, it is about getting the customer and keeping the customer. If you want to be sure you are appealing to future customers, you must have a responsive website design. It just makes good business sense.

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